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spirella – the brand

This Swiss company has been offering creative ideas for the whole bathroom for over 50 years.

The spirella brand stands for distinctive style, innovation and design expertise.

Every year, spirella releases an exclusive collection for bathroom interiors, both in the domestic and international markets.

These collections are designed with great attention to detail, and with the aim of increasing customers showering pleasure and creating new bathroom atmospheres.

Besides its many different product spheres, spirella also creates all-encompassing style and colour concepts, that convey and inspire the joy of beautiful design.                          

spirella can turn any bathroom into a personal oasis of well-being.

spirella demands the highest standards of uncompromising quality and workmanship. The combination of functionality and aesthetics has utmost priority

in the development of their products.

Creating ideas for the entire bathroom

in the product ranges:

  • Accessories stand-alone and wall-fitting
  • Bath textiles shower curtains, bath rugs, bath inserts
  • Suspension systems shower curtain rods, rings, shower roller blinds, shower umbrellas
  • Comfort in the bath comfort and safety range

Inspirationally versatile

Emotional, sensuous and fresh.




In 1958, Anton A. Heuberger comes across a shower curtain in a hotel in the USA. When he put the idea to enter the European market with this product into practice, spirella came into being. At that time, one bath per week was the usual standard – that is why the company founder was proud to have introduced the shower to Swiss bathrooms.

1962 The one-man business receives its name

1965 spirella establishes itself as a shower curtain trendsetter in Switzerland. The company turnover surpasses the one-million limit for the first time.

1973 Founding of the family stock corporation spirella s.a. with entry in the Swiss Commercial Registry

1978 spirella moves into the new company headquarters in Embrach.

1988 spirella becomes a subsidiary of the German Leifheit group. The founder's family resign from the company

June 2010 spirella s.a. returns into Swiss hands as an independent company: the Swiss investment company Cross takes over the majority of spirella.

A vision for the future

The company with headquarters in Embrach-Zürich is the leading furnisher for the fashionable bathroom in Europe.

With its two subsidiaries, spirella France and spirella Germany, as well as world-wide export and distribution partners,

spirella is present in more than 60 countries and profits from a high degree of brand awareness.

In the production plant in Embrach, shower curtains as well as shower rods and rails are produced.

Here, at the company's headquarters, are also showrooms, the design workshop and the entire administration.

Philosophy and core competence

spirella changes bathrooms with innovative design concepts and attractive color schemes into fashionable havens of well-being.

Spiral = Spirella

The company name has been derived from the construction of the first shower curtain rod. It had been invented by the company's founder especially for bathtub niches. Its mechanism is based on a metal spring which holds the rod in place by applying pressure on the opposite walls of the niche. The company was called "spirella" after the spiral shape of the spring.